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Versure Inc Limited is a major global broker focused on clients from Africa and the rest of the World. Our mission is to provide our customers fast and convenient access to financial markets. For more than 5 years we have been a reliable partner and provide our private and institutional counter-parties with a wide range of financial instruments and reliable IT solutions. The interests of our clients are protected by the European standards adopted by our local regulator CySEC (The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). We are continuously developing new products and improving our existing financial product offering that allow you to trade with maximum comfort and efficiency.

In Collaboration with Other Forex, allows you to access all benefits of working with one of the largest financial groups in Europe. Moreover, the high foreign exchange liquidity of a European bank rated ‘AAA’ allows you to freely open and close positions of any value. This means that you have no restrictions when working with your savings on the Forex market.

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A partner of one of the largest banks in Tanzania, a member of Alfa Group.


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5 years of successful work in financial markets.

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